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Ryan Rodacker

Bib Sheet

Salem, OR
Age: 46

Hailing from the vibrant city of Salem, Oregon, Ryan Rodacker seamlessly marries his love for food with the thrill of competition. Decades ago, he was captivated by the Nathan's hot dog contest. Today, he’s making waves on the competitive eating circuit, proving that passion, combined with a gargantuan appetite, can lead to delicious success. His journey began modestly, one local challenge at a time. But soon, his escalating love for the sport saw him set astonishing personal records — be it gobbling up 22.5 donuts at The Salvation Army National Donut Day World Donut Eating Championship or demolishing 30 tamales at the Padrino Foods World Tamale Eating Championship. While his accolades are plenty, what truly sets Ryan apart is his unique style. In a world buzzing with crowd cheers and competitor tactics, Ryan finds solace in the melodies blasting from his headphones, allowing him to channelize his focus and devour his next victory. But delve deeper, and you'll discover that Ryan's relationship with food is profound. His love extends beyond the plate, relishing interactions with passionate food entrepreneurs, and immersing himself in the stories and efforts behind every bite. When the spotlight dims, and the tables are cleared, Ryan's love affair with food doesn’t end. You'll find him exploring local food spots, celebrating the myriad flavors and culinary tales that Oregon and beyond have to offer. And after a hard-fought contest? A Slurpee, the perfect post-battle refreshment. In Ryan Rodacker, we find a competitor who revels in every aspect of the culinary world, reminding us that food isn't just about sustenance, but about stories, passion, and occasionally, a contest to see just how much one can eat.

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