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Zosan Pacpac

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Kumamoto, Japan
Age: 27
Weight: 0

From the culturally rich precincts of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan emerges Zosan Pacpac, a competitive eater with an appetite for victory and an even bigger heart for making people smile. One might wonder how a man from such a serene and scenic place has developed a hunger for competitive eating, but for Zosan, the answer is simple: happiness. Making a splash at the 2023 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship, Zosan didn't just come to play; he came to make an impression. Gobbling down 29.75 Hot Dogs & Buns in merely 10 minutes, he clinched the 7th place. But it wasn't long before he tasted victory, with 14.75 Beef Bowls & 3,376g of Egg Noodles with Roast Pork at the Thailand Food Kingdom event soon after. Challenge accepted, and swiftly conquered. Beyond his undeniable talent, what truly sets Zosan apart is his style. In a world of casual competitors, our man stands out with sharp attire, often gracing tables with his signature bowtie. If eating was an art form, Zosan would be its Picasso - creating a "beautiful" spectacle with every bite. While fans paint a natural rivalry with Max Suzuki that keeps the competition fierce (and the margins incredibly tight!), at the core of their contest lies mutual respect and admiration. Both representing Japan, the duo pushes each other to greater heights with each tournament. Yet for Zosan, winning isn't just about the accolades. His intuitive ability to "read the atmosphere" ensures that he gives fans exactly what they came for - a thrilling performance. Outside the frenetic world of competitive eating, Zosan cherishes two simple joys - traveling and savoring excellent food. For him, every journey, every dish, is an ode to happiness. As for his legacy? Zosan dreams of a world where every bite he takes, every record he breaks, brings a smile to someone's face. After all, there's joy in eating, and he's here to share it with the world.


  • Beef Bowls, 290g 14.75 Beef Bowls (290g) from Yoshinoya / Thailand Food Kingdom / 8 minutes / August 6, 2023
  • Egg Noodles & Roast Pork 3,376g of Egg Noodles & Roast Pork from Lee Noodles House / Thailand Food Kingdom / 8 minutes / August 6, 2023
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