Darron Breeden

Bib Sheet

Orange, VA
Age: 30
Weight: 165

On June 12th, 2016, a then-unknown eater by the name of Darron Breeden took the stage at a Nathan's Famous hot dog qualifier in Norfolk, VA, and ate 28 HDBs in 10 minutes. On that day, the crown would go to Gideon Oji and second place would fall to Steve Hendry. But after the noise of victory abated, one question remained: Who is that Darron Breeden dude? Let's answer that question: He is a six-foot-tall, guitar-playing, motorcycle-riding, weight-lifting crusher of food. He claimed his first World Record performance and non-qualifier championship in 2018 in the Cheese Curd-eating discipline—he ate 5lbs, 2oz of Wisconsin Curds in just six minutes. Extraordinary. His future is a bright as one can imagine based on that fact alone.


  • Tamales (2oz) 70 2oz Market Street Tamales / Lewisville Western Days Festival / 10 Minutes / September 29, 2018
  • Cheese Curds 5lb, 2oz fresh cheese curds / Wisconsin State Fair / 6 Minutes / August 11, 2018