Marcos Owens

Bib Sheet

Hillside, NJ
Age: 28
Weight: 260

What can be said about Marcos "The Monster" Owens that has not been said before? That he made his Nathan's Famous Coney Island debut in 2013, eating 29 HDBs in front of the Brooklyn faithful? That he ate 31 cannoli at Little Italy's Festa di San Gennaro Cannoli Eating Championship in 2013, falling agonizingly short of eventual winner, Yasir Salem, by a mere three-quarters of a cannoli? That he wears a smile a mile wide and sports, at last glimpse, a beard of considerable force and purpose? (Ignore the photo here, beard-wise. This trimmed metrosexual number has NOTHING on the face-otter Owens now calls his own.) All of these things are known far and wide. The Marcos Owens tale is in its infancy. Additional chapters will be written by his mouth. Stay tuned.


  • Cannoli 34 large cannoli/San Gennaro Festival / 6 minutes/Sept. 12, 2014