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Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle

Bib Sheet

Ridgewood, NJ
Age: 28
Weight: 275

Kevin "The LA Beast" Strahle can, by his own estimation, bench 405 pounds—that's four Sonya Thomases, in MLE standard weights and measures. He chugs bottles of Cristal champagne, not because he likes it, but because he can afford it. He is singularly responsible for some of the world's most foolish content on YouTube—a feat he makes no mention of on his LinkedIn page. He once attempted to refrain from all forms of social media for 24 hours. He has eaten 54 cupcakes in 6 minutes and 31 meatballs in 10 minutes at the MLE table. He is brash, determined and fueled by the hunger and reckless abandon that comes from youth. His hulking size is said to intimidate weaker opponents, reminding them of lunch money lost in playgrounds past. But to those who would call him a bully, a big-mouth, or a braggart, The LA Beast has but one piece of advice: Dude, if you keep being such a loser, I swear I will crush you.

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