Matthew Raible

Bib Sheet

Peoria, IL
Age: 45
Weight: 270

There is a ditty, shared over tankards in the dimly lit inns that line the highways and byways of the Major League Eating circuit, and it goes like this: There once was a man from Peoria, Who's eating style was sexier than Eva Longoria. It's like watching Michelangelo and Da Vinci make a baby, Watching this dude, bread in hand, take down biscuits n' gravy. And those who bear witness doth chant, "Gloria in excelsis, Gloria." These words were inspired by a mild-mannered eater by the name of Matthew Raible. Matthew has never troubled Major League Eating officers with a nickname or, to be fair, its scorers. This matters not. He has competed in bratwurst, chicken wings (boneless and standard), ribs and hamburgers. He is willing to drive great distances to compete in MLE events from his Peoria, IL, base camp. His destination need not be victory. For him, the thrill of competition, standing at the table with the greats, is enough to sate his appetite. He is well-liked and always arrives on time for the events for which he has registered.