Richard "the Locust" LeFevre

Bib Sheet

Henderson, NV
Age: 75
Weight: 117

LeFevre was originally known as a superstar in the long game who didn't care for the short, eight- to 12-minute contests of the IFOCE. Since the earliest days of his career, LeFevre has excelled in longer, 30- to 45-minute events. However, the distance man has adapted recently, competing in the shorter contests and compiling an impressive list of victories. He has won a slew of difficult contests and seems as comfortable with a short contest as most other eaters on the circuit. He is known for his strong jaw and for his capacity, which seems to increase, not decrease, as a contest progresses. Previously considered an outsider in the competitive eating community, LeFevre embraced the formal eating circuit for the first time in 2002, participating in hot dogs, all-you-can-eat buffet and chili. Since then his prowess and reputation have grown. His most recent and impressive victory was over Sonya Thomas and Pat Bertoletti in jalapenos. He ate 247 pickled peppers in 8 minutes to set a new world record and gain even more respect from the young guns. LeFevre's wife, Carlene, is also an accomplished competitive eater. They call their home in Henderson "The Pink Palace." LeFevre is a retired CPA.


  • 24" Pizza 7 1/2 Extra Large Bacci Pizza Slices / 15 Minutes/ July 9, 2005
  • SPAM 6 pounds of SPAM from the can/ SPAMARAMA / 12 minutes/ Apr. 3, 2004
  • Corn Dogs 12 Fletcher's Corny Dogs/ State Fair of Texas / 10 minutes/ Sept. 28, 2003
  • Huevos Rancheros 7.75 lbs Huevos Rancheros / 10 minutes/March 18, 2006
  • Tex Mex Rolls 30 Tex Mex Rolls/ GameWorks at Great Lakes Crossing / 12 minutes/ Mar. 12, 2005