Ben Monson

Bib Sheet

Twin Peaks, CA
Age: 22
Weight: 260

Few eaters, if any at all, have become an instant contender quicker than Ben Monson. Bursting onto the Major League Eating Circuit in September, Monson wasted no time in letting the world know that he can eat with the best in the world. Impressive finishes in Burritos and Meatballs paved the way for his first win in Flautas; a field that featured #1-ranked Joey Chestnut. The win sent ripples through the competitive eating world and now, in Monson's first full MLE season, he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. A more than respectable fourth-place finish in Corned Beef Sandwiches followed up with a second place finish to Chestnut in Deep-Fried Asparagus in Stockton solidifies Monson's newly appointed top-10 world ranking. Ben is a personal trainer by day living in Twin Peaks, CA.


  • Flautas 65 flautas/World Flauta Eating Championship / 10 minutes/Dec. 6, 2009