Oleg Zhornitskiy

Bib Sheet

Brooklyn, NY
Age: 36
Weight: 165

Many fans believe that Oleg has had several bad calls in the past year or so, specifically at the Pelemeni-Eating World Championships and at Maui's salty ball potato eating championship. While he failed to successfully defend his title in chicken wings in Buffalo, placing fourth, there is a contingent that believes he remains among the top eating champions in the world. Zhornitiskiy's impressive early career performances include victories at the World Pelemeni Eating Championship, the Matzo Ball Eating Championship and the World Buffalo Wing Eating Championship, which earned him respect in a wide range of disciplines. Zhornitskiy has also finished in the top ranks in Coney Island on July 4 and is currently the undisputed World Mayonnaise Eating Champion. Originally from the Ukraine, Zhornitskiy lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. He is avid about disco dancing and is known for his attention to fashion.


  • Mayonnaise 4 32-ounce bowls mayonnaise / 8 minutes