"The Lovely" Juliet Lee

Bib Sheet

Germantown, MD
Age: 54
Weight: 100

Juliet Lee has only been competing professionally since December 2006, but is one of the few women ever to earn a chance to compete in The Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Originally from the cold northern shores of China, she loves all types of seafood. As a child, she often ate only what she could catch from the beach. Competing sans sobriquet, she is most often referred to as “The Lovely Juliet Lee” - a moniker given to her by MLE announcer Mike Castellano during her amazing amateur debut last summer. She hopes one day, her name alone, like the name “Kobayashi” will be all that’s needed to evoke an image of competitive eating greatness. Formerly a Ninjing University chemistry professor, Juliet celebrated the new millennium by becoming an American citizen and opening a hair salon in Germantown, Maryland. She is a successful businesswoman and mother of two daughters, ages 11 and 13. In addition to her busy competitive eating schedule, she attends college classes, studies modern dance and ballet and swims several miles each week.


  • Cranberry Sauce, Jellied 13.23 lbs jellied cranberry sauce/Spike TV's MLE Chowdown / 8 Minutes/Nov. 22, 2007
  • Ultimate Eating Tournament (Various Foods) 7 Chicken Wings, 1 lb of Nachos, 3 Hot Dogs, 2 Personal Pizzas, 3 Italian Ices/Broaday at the Beach / 7 minutes, 13 seconds/April 19, 2008