Pete Davekos

Bib Sheet

Boston, MA
Age: 32
Weight: 0

During college, Pete Davekos spent summers chasing well-bred girls whose families summered in the Cape Ann. He'd often hang out in restaurants impressing the young ladies with his incredible appetite. One day Pete was attempting to catch the eye of Mia, a fair-haired co-ed from Philadelphia's Main Line. Little did he know that Mia was dating a local lobsterman who doubled as the restaurant's bartender. Noticing Pete's attempts to move in on his girl, the lobsterman proposed an eating duel. The rules were simple; whoever was first to consume three fisherman's platters would get the hand of Mia. In the end, Pete was victorious, edging out the lobsterman by a scallop and a half. He and Mia ended up getting married and that food fight taught Pete that his ability to eat could deliver him great things in life. He has never looked back.


  • Garlicky Greens 7.5 lbs / b.good Garlicky Greens Eating Championship / 5 Minutes/Oct. 3, 2009
  • Fruit Basket (short form) Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket/Phantom Gourmet Food Fest / 3 minutes 52 seconds / September 24, 2011