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Gravy Brown

Bib Sheet

Chicago, IL
Age: 32
Weight: 195

Lover, Garbage Can Philosopher, Legend. Tim Brown began his humble competitive eating career hustling food challenges and state fair competitions up and down the Illinois/Indiana border. He has since used his God given talents to explore the country, using his winnings to get from one side of the country to the other, spending it only on the essentials: gas, food and the occasional PBR! Tim got his first break in 2006 at a Detroit Golden Palace Grilled Cheese contest where he also received his nickname. It was at this event that Ryan Nerz of the IFOCE witnessed something strange and coined the term that would stick for eternity. After the second or third minute of competition, Ryan noticed a beige tinted ooze that flowed, uncontrollably from this strange mans nostrils. From that moment Tim Brown, son of Jim and Linda, was no more and the man simply known as Gravy was born.


  • Potato Wedges 3.74 lbs Buffalo Wild Wings Potato Wedges/Spike TV's MLE Chowdown / 8 minutes/October 18, 2007
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