William "Wild Bill" Myers

Bib Sheet

Breinigsville, PA
Age: 54
Weight: 360

Few sights are as comforting to the MLE emcee upon arriving at an event as that of Wild Bill Myers, sometimes alone, often seated and always engaged in the quiet reflection that too few of us allow ourselves in these fast-paced days of Internet phones and programable toasters. What is he thinking about? Is it the 15.25 hot dogs and buns he ate at the 2013 Nathan's Famous qualifier in New Jersey? The 21.25 brats he pounded in the same year in Cincinnati, OH? Or the 80 chicken wings he made disappear in 12 minutes at the Eastern Shore Wing War in Salisbury, MD? Who can say? What we do know is this: Wild Bill is a kind man who thinks nothing of driving hundreds, even thousands, of miles to compete at MLE events. (Wisely, he often rents cars for extended journeys, calculating the cost of the rental vs the additional mileage that would otherwise be incurred by his engine.) His dedication and passion for the sport has been recognized by MLE in the form of a golden gas pump trophy; nothing could be more fitting for an eater who happily turns the Earth's natural resources into an opportunity to compete against the world's very best. Wild BIll works in the computing sciences and prefers to eat sitting down during contests because he is a gentleman.