Arturo Rios, Jr.

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Long Branch, NJ
Age: 32
Weight: 230

A talented rookie who came into his own on the 2006 Krystals circuit, Arturo Rios has already established himself as the greatest Puerto Rican gurgitator of all time. In fact, after his appearance at the table of the Spike TV MLE Chowdown alongside the likes of Kobayashi and Bertoletti, he is no longer confused with Arturo Rios, the Mexican character actor. These days, in his hometown in New Jersey, Rios is greeted with pats on the back and grandiose nicknames such as: “Rios Grande, Lord of Long Branch.” Rios is a member of the Young Guns movement on the circuit, and secured the title of 2006 Rookie of the Year. In his first year of competition, he ate 44 burgers in 8 minutes while wearing the coveted “Eater Cam” at the Krystal finals.


  • Pigs' Feet and Knuckles 2.89 lbs pigs' feet meat/State Fair Meadowlands / 10 minutes/June 23, 2007