Erik "The Red" Denmark

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Scottsdale, AZ
Age: 41
Weight: 213

Erik "the Red" Torvaldsson was a Viking who murdered an Icelandic man he caught by his fire stealing cedar planks. Torvaldsson, who intended to grill a dinner of Arctic Char between the two planks, never meant to kill the thief but the people of Iceland exiled him anyway. Greenlanders of the 10th century were quick to welcome Torvaldsson. They called him "the Red" in reference to his heated passion, revered his Viking hunger and showered him with respect. Erik "the Red" Denmark, a 32-year-old golfer living in Seattle, embodies his namesake's passionate hunger and also enjoys a similar respect - not just from Greenlanders, but from all who have witnessed his tireless determination at the competitive eating table. One of the most active on the MLE Circuit each year, Erik the Red has competed in chicken wings, corned beef and cabbage, Nathan's hot dogs and Krystal Hamburgers to name a few. He boasts a certain tolerance for hot and spicy fare, having performed in jalapenos, huevos rancheros, and buffalo wings.


  • Shrimp 4 pounds 15 ounces spot shrimp / 12 minutes/Sept. 22, 2006 (pending review)
  • Native American Fry Bread 9.75 Fry Breads / 8 Minutes/October 28, 2006