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ManorPalooza World Texas Sausage-Eating Championship

Location: Manor, TX
Date: 05-04-2024
Winner: James Webb, with 51 in 10 mins


Full Results

  1. James Webb - 51 Texas Sausages in 10 mins

  2. Geoff Esper 38

  3. Nick Wehry - 31

4T. Greg Wilson - 20.5

4T. Christopher Dale - 20.5

  1. Tanner Gray - 19

7T. Albert Bravo - 15

7T. Yasir Salem - 15



Gear up, flavor aficionados, because the sizzle is back with the 2024 ManorPalooza World Texas Sausage-Eating Championship!

Last year, we watched in awe as the legendary Geoff Esper clinched another title, his mouth-watering benchmark with 44 Texas sausages still standing unchallenged. The question on everyone's lips now is: Who will ascend the throne this year? Is there a daring challenger among us poised to shatter Geoff's astounding record? The air is thick with anticipation, and the thrill of the competition has never been more intense.

This isn't just any food contest; it's the ultimate battle of resilience, stamina, and sheer willpower. Our competitors are gearing up to push their limits, promising an atmosphere charged with excitement. Whether you're a competitive eating aficionado or in search of heart-racing entertainment, this championship is the place to be.

Gather your crew and prepare to be part of a spectacle like no other. The ManorPalooza World Texas Sausage-Eating Championship stands as the pinnacle of culinary contests, a breathtaking display of courage and capacity. Don't miss your chance to be part of the fervor, to support the eaters, and to witness a new chapter in the history of competitive eating unfold.

Will a new champion emerge, or will the veterans hold their ground? Join us to find out. It's more than a competition; it's a celebration of spirit, skill, and sausage—a legendary event that will echo through the ages.

This contest will take place in Manor, TX, at 5PM on Saturday May 4th, 2024, at 4th Annual ManorPalooza held at East Manor Development No. 1, 15317 Us Hwy 290 E. Manor, TX 78653!

CLICK HERE for more information about Manor, TX!

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