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The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship

Location: Fairmont, WV
Date: 05-25-2019
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a WR 43 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 Min!


It’s back! Major League Eating is proud to announce the return of The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship to our 2019 slate of sanctioned eating contests. The event is a true legend of the MLE calendar, and the ultimate test of man versus woman versus Pepperoni Roll. We head once more to Fairmont, WV—the global capital of both competitive and recreation Pepperoni Roll consumption. Major League Eaters are warmly encouraged to sign up for the chance to compete in the event.

At the 2017 Championship, one Geoffrey Esper logged his first MLE world record-setting performance when he ate 36 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 minutes. It was a truly staggering performance. An heroic effort will be required to break that mark this year, but heroic is what we do. At the same event, Miki Sudo would eat 30.5 pepperoni rolls and Darron Breeden would eat 26.

The classic Pepperoni Roll consists of a soft white yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked in the middle. It is delicious. The rolls originated as a lunch option for the coal miners of north-central West Virginia in the first half of the 20th century. The Roll that is sanctioned for The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship weighs 3.25 ounces.

Do you dare attempt to break Esper’s incredible record of 36 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 minutes? Do you accept that you will likely eat less than that but commit to giving it your all in the process? Do you simply want to see the best in the world do what they do so well? This is The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship! At the table or in the crowd—don't you ever miss it!

FULL RESULTS! 1. Joey Chestnut 43 in 10 2. Geoff Esper 37.5 3. Darron Breeden 26 4. Nick Wehry 24.5 5. Derek Jacobs 20 6. George Chiger and Badlands 15 8. Bartley Weaver 14.5 9. Mike Whities 14 10. Ben Welch 12 11. Brian Subich and Mike Deitz 10 13. Dr Rene Rovtar 4.5 14. Prudence DiBenedetto 3

This contest took place at 8pm local time on Saturday May 25th, 2019, at Palatine Park in Downtown Fairmont, WV!

About The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival! This year marks the 40th year for The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival and the 8th year as host of The Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship. In these seven short years, it has become the main event for the Festival. The dates for this year’s Festival are May 23, 24 and 25, 2019. The Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship will be held on the last night of The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival—Saturday May 25th—at a time to be determined.

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