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The World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship–At The Meijer Tailgate Party on Georgia Street

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date: 12-01-2018
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a WR 18lb, 9.6oz of Shrimp Cocktail in 8 min!


Let it be known that Joey Chestnut—the #1-ranked eater in the world—set a new Shrimp Cocktail-eating World Record by consuming 18lbs, 9.6oz of World Famous St Elmo Shrimp Cocktail in just eight minutes. In doing so, he bested his previous mark of 15lbs and ended his 2018 eating season as he dreamed he would: On top. In the Chestnut world view, there is no other place to be. He remains undefeated at the event and in this discipline

It was not easy. Chestnut faced the best field of challengers in the event’s six-year history. A brief look at the names and numbers in the results below will tell you all you need to know; I don’t need to elaborate on just how closely this race was run. You can see that for yourself as plain as day. One imagines that event debutantes Esper and Breeden will return in 2019, their teeth sharpened for the experience.

Thanks to all at St Elmo and the Indiana Sports Corporation. Full results below.

FULL RESULTS! 1. Joey Chestnut 18lb 9.6oz of St Elmo Shrimp Cocktail in 8 Mins 2. Geoffrey Esper 18lb 6.4oz 3. Darron Breeden 14lb 6.4oz 4. Gideon Oji 11lb 8oz 5. Derek Jacobs and George Chiger 8lb 7. Matthew Raible 5lb 8. Mary Bowers 3lb

This contest took place at 3pm ET on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at The Meijer Tailgate Party on Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis!

About St. Elmo Steak House From St. Elmo Steak House to homes around the globe, the restaurant's world-famous, sinus-clearing shrimp cocktail sauce is available in 12 ounce bottles. Known for making grown men cry, the potent, horseradish-laden concoction was deemed the world's spiciest food by a Travel Channel writer, beating out other hotspots. The sauce that guests have come to know and love is available online at and most Midwest grocery stores. For a list of grocery locations visit

About Indiana Sports Corp Founded in 1979 as the nation’s first sports commission, Indiana Sports Corp is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing premier sporting events to Indiana to drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride and garner positive media attention. Because of this, Indiana Sports Corp is able to provide positive, sports-related opportunities for youth in the community. For more information, please visit

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