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The World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: 06-01-2018
Winner: Joey Chestnut with a World Record 257 Hostess® Donettes® in 6 min!


Great news, world! Major League Eating is proud to announce a new event—and a brand new discipline—to our slate of sanctioned eating championships for 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship! A world record in the Hostess® Donettes® discipline shall be set at the event, to be held on Donut Day. What that record shall be and the name of the person responsible for it will be revealed only after a full and thorough tally of the results.

Hostess® Donettes®, as the name suggests, are mini donuts. The Powdered version of these sweet rings of beauty will take pride of place at the inaugural World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship, as Major League Eaters from near and far battle it out for the $8,000 prize purse over six minutes of sanctioned eating. It will be fast. It will be demanding. It will be a thing of beauty. These things we already know.

Who shall seize the World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship for themselves? Who will set a world record in the Hostess® Donettes®-eating discipline? Who will walk away with a whole lot of money? You, perhaps? Or would you rather watch the best eaters in the world do what they do so well? This is The World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship—at the table or in the crowd, don’t you ever miss it!

FULL RESULTS! 1 Joey Chestnut, 257 Hostess® Donettes® in 6 mins, and that's a world record, people 2 Carmen Cincotti, 244 3 Darron Breeden, 204 4 Gideon Oji, 176 5 George Chiger, 139 6 Dud Light Dudzinski, 124 7 Badlands Booker, 122 8 Ivan Mendoza, 116 9 Wild Bill Myers, 44 10 Rene Rovtar, 24

This contest took place at 1pm local time on Friday, June 1, 2018, at the Shops At Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA!

About Hostess® Donettes®! Hostess® Donettes® are America’s #1 donut, based on independent national retail sales data. They come in Powdered, Frosted, Glazed, Crunch, Cinnamon Crunch, and Double Chocolate plus seasonal and limited time offering flavors. Hostess® Donettes® come in multipack and single-serve at retailers nationwide and are baked in the USA.

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