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The San Pedro Fish Market World Famous Shrimp Eating Championship Presented By The Kings Of Fi$h On The USS <i>Iowa</i>

Location: San Pedro, CA
Date: 05-28-2018
Winner: Joey Chestnut with a World Record 7lb of San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp in 8 min!


Well, that was something. Let the record state that Joey Chestnut—the #1-ranked eater in the world, the greatest eater who has ever lived, et al—won the first ever San Pedro Fish Market World Famous Shrimp Eating Championship Presented By The Kings Of Fi$h On The USS Iowa by eating 77 delicious and frankly enormous shrimp in eight minutes. By weight, his tally was seven pounds of shrimp.

These shrimp were not for the feint of heart or the weak of jaw. They were, well, meaty. Those who love shrimp should book a ticket to the San Pedro Fish Market in beautiful San Pedro, CA, immediately to enjoy these colossal shrimp at a recreational pace. The seasoning of the San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp and, well, the pure size should make other cooked shrimp shrink with self-disgust. These are the cooked shrimp of your dreams. The kind of shrimp that call for a bucket of beer and a cleared afternoon. No calls, please. Might be home a little later than planned.

Where were we? Chestnut entered as the favorite and did what he does. Which is to say win and win with purpose and dedication. Make no mistake though. As the results below will attest, Gideon Oji pushed Chestnut for the entirety of the contest. Africa’s #1-ranked eater should take solace in coming so close to victory. He will also take $1,000. Seafood-eating specialist Adrian Morgan lent on a lifetime of experience for third. Others ate less. Full results below.

Many thanks to all at the San Pedro Fish Market, the Kings of Fish team and the mighty USS Iowa for making this event so grand.

FULL RESULTS 1. 77 Shrimp (7lb) in 8 min, Joey Chestnut 2. 74, Gideon Oji 3. 56, Adrian Morgan 4. 43.5, Michelle Lesco 5. 40, Matt Hazzard 6. 38, Steve Hendry and Rich LeFevre 8. 33, Jon Bello 9. 23, Doug Ecks 10. 15, Ryan Buicko 11. 14, Alex Perez 12. 11, Mary Bowers

This contest took place at 11am local time on MONDAY, May 28th, 2018, aboard the mighty USS Iowa, located at the USS Battleship Iowa Museum, 250 S Harbor Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90731!

ABOUT THE SAN PEDRO FISH MARKET! Founded by the Ungaro and Amalfitano families as a small neighborhood fish shop on a San Pedro street corner in 1956, the San Pedro Fish Market is now the largest restaurant on the West Coast with Seating for 3000, four Guinness World Records, its own reality TV series, and a national following. Family owned and operated for over six decades, the philosophy has remained the same: “Satisfy the customer by serving the freshest and highest-quality seafood available cooked to the customer’s requests!” This is how the World Famous Shrimp Tray was born and why San Pedro Fish Market has been one of the top-10 most Instagrammed restaurants in the USA for multiple years. Now the family is expanding into new cities with the San Pedro Fish Market Grille, offering its world-famous seafood prepared to the customer’s requests! ENJOY!

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