The Second Annual Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship

Location: Elk Horn, IA
Date: 05-26-2018
Winner: Geoff Esper with a World Record 83 Aebleskivers in 8 min!


Geoffrey Esper ate 107 aebleskivers in eight minutes to set a new world record in the discipline at the 2018 Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship. It marks his second world record-setting performance of the year and speaks to his greatness, of which there can be no question. In this event, he was composed, smooth, consistent and relentless. Those things, plus God-given talent, result in glory, friends. And money. Two grand in this case.

The top three finishers in this event—Esper's 107; second-place finisher Darron Breeden ate 98; and third-place finisher Gideon Oji ate 96—all surpassed the previous record of 87, set in 2017. It speaks to the standard of competition in the league at present and the growing talents of even the best eaters. Cynics will point to a game-time temperature of 99 degrees and argue that this year's aebleskivers were lighter and looser as a result. Pish tosh. The results were due to talent and competition—two cornerstones of greatness.

For those with a below-par appreciation for the many delights of Danish cuisine, the æbleskiver is best described as a round puff pancake. The name translates to "apple slices," of course, but apple is but rarely used in modern examples of this fine dessert snack. The æbleskiver is delicious, or lækker, if you prefer.

Many thanks to all at the Tivoli Fest for their trademark hospitality and kindness. Elk Horn, IA, in early summer is a special place. Major League Eating is proud and fortunate to call it home, if only too briefly. Full results below.

FULL RESULTS! 1 Geoff Esper 107. New WR 2 Darron Breeden 98 3 Gideon Oji 96 4 Matt Hazzard 58 5 Ethan Teske 46 6 Mark Williams 36 7 Matt Raible 35 8 Das Loomis 23 9 Keith Branch and Meliss Klabel 21

This contest took place at 2pm local time on Saturday May 27th, 2017, at Tivoli Fest, held in downtown Elk Horn, Iowa!

ABOUT TIVOLI FEST! Tivoli Fest is the annual Danish American festival in the Danish Village of Elk Horn, Iowa, the largest Danish rural settlement in the USA. It is a celebration of Danish American culture, traditions and foods. Tivoli Fest is a wonderful experience which includes a parade, folk dancing, live bands, 5k run, vikings, exhibits, fireworks, beer garden, Scandinavian entertainment, the World Æbleskiver Eating Championship, plus you can enjoy Danish food such as Æbleskiver, Smørrebrød, and Medisterpølse. Be sure to tour the only working Danish Windmill in the United States along with the Museum of Danish America. This unique celebration provides a variety of fun opportunities for the whole family. Join us Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th to 27th 2018.

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