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The Chacho's World Taco Eating Championship

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 08-19-2017
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with 94.5 Chacho's tacos in 8 min


Joey Chestnut—the #1-ranked eater in the world—ate 94.5 Chacho’s tacos in eight minutes to claim the 2017 Chacho's World Taco Eating Championship. Matt Stonie finished second with 88.5 Chacho’s tacos in eight minutes; he would attribute his silver-place finish to a slow start, which is very much not the Stonie way. Michelle Lesco finished third with 63.5. Others ate less.

But the 2017 installment of this legendary event was more than an eating contest. This was an epic battle for the heart and soul of a city that is world-famous as the epicenter (and, in certain parts, epicentre) of competitive eating talent. That is because, like you don’t know, San Jose, CA, is the hometown of both Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie. And at this event, for the first time in history, the two proudest sons of the great city of San Jose went head-to-head in sanctioned MLE competition inside city limits. Something far more special than victory or even money was up for grabs in this event: The title of the Undisputed King of San Jose. MLE repeatedly asked San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo to erect a five-story gold statue of the winner of today’s contest—should the winner be Chestnut or Stonie, of course. He has not, to be clear, gotten back to us on that request. It’s both TBD and TBC. His silence is galling and simply adds fuel to the widespread frustration with government at all levels across the country.

So, take a bow, Chestnut. The city is yours. And if you call San Jose home, take a bow yourself. If you are from San Jose, CA, you are from the City of Champions. The achievements of Chestnut and Stonie cast the light of 1,000 suns on this great city. Even when the fog rolls in over the bay, her citizens bask in the radiance of their excellence each and every day.

FULL RESULTS! 1 Joey Chestnut 94.5 Chacho's tacos in 8 min 2 Matt Stonie 88.5 3 Michelle Lesco 63.5 4 Steve Hendry 49.5 5 Cameron Birdwell 45 6 Sergio Reyes and Aaron Stroope 28 8 Mary Bowers 26 9 Jon Davis 22 10 Nick Nollander 11 11 Kathleen Walsh 10

This contest took place at 2pm Pacific at Saint James Park in downtown, San Jose, CA, on Saturday August 19, 2017!

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