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The Acme Oyster Eating World Championship

Location: New Orleans, LA
Date: 06-04-2017

Who do you think will win? Tell us!


Major League Eating is proud to announce the return of The Acme Oyster Eating World Championship to our slate of events for 2017. This marquee event of the MLE calendar is the ultimate challenge of handspeed and focus. If you so much as blink, you will lose. Manual dexterity in this event—wrist elasticity, finger discipline, hand-to-mouth coordination are as important as a robust capacity and a true love of the oyster. The event will once again take place at the New Orleans Oyster Festival, as is tradition. Being anywhere else in early June simply would not make sense. Some things just are. This just is.

At last year’s contest, Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas—the greatest oyster eater in the history of the world—faced off against NOLA's Adrian "The Rabbit" Morgan in an eat-off to determine the one true Champion. And at the end of that, it was the Rabbit who tasted his first ACME oyster win. Ms Thomas, ever the class act, was gracious in this narrowest of defeats. Ms Michelle Lesco from Tucson, AZ, would finish third. Her placing was a credit to her tenacity and spirit—one does not think oysters when one speaks of Tucson, AZ, but her skill and familiarity in this discipline just goes to show you how far restaurant supply infrastructure and supply chain optimization has come. Oyster experts in Arizona? The world turns ever more quickly, people.

Major League Eaters are warmly invited to sign up to compete in this year’s event. The Acme Oyster Eating World Championship at the New Orleans Oyster Festival is soon upon us. At the table or in the crowd—don't you ever miss it!

PRIZE PAYOUTS! 1st - $1,000 2nd - $500 3rd - $250

This contest* will take place at 11.45AM Central, on Sunday June 4th, 2017, at the New Orleans Oyster Festival in Woldenberg Park, New Orleans, LA!

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*All applicants must be 18 years of age or older and fully acknowledge and understand the inherent dangers and risks associated with participating in an eating contest. The applicant further acknowledges and understands that the MLE/IFOCE coordinates with event sponsor(s) to select and approve eligible participants, and that the MLE/IFOCE shall decide, at its sole discretion, whether an applicant is eligible to participate in any eating event, and/or related activities. The MLE/IFOCE may revoke an applicant's eligibility to participate in the eating contest, or related activities, at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion. The MLE/IFOCE and the event sponsors reserve the right, at any time, to change any and all details concerning the event, including, e.g., time, duration, location and prize structure.

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