The Western Days Festival World Tamale Eating Championship Presented By Market Street

Location: Lewisville, TX
Date: 09-30-2017
Winner: Geoffrey Esper, with 83.5 Market St Tamales in 12 min


We will remember 2017 for many things, some of them good. In the good column will be having watched Geoffrey Esper blossom from a great eater into one of the sport's all-time wonders. He ate 83.5 2oz tamales in 12 minutes to thoroughly dominate the field and the food for another win this year. He lead early, found a rhythm and stuck with it throughout this marathon event. He was perfect, never breaking stride, always in control. It was a textbook example of pure power eating. If you called it Chestnut-like, you would be correct, though Esper may eat with even greater deliberateness and less abstraction than the Great One. Esper, it has been said, is a machine. Today, he was unrelenting and clear of purpose. He would not be stopped.

Your 2015 World Tamale-Eating Champion, Ms Miki Sudo, impressed with 72; that total may have surprised even her. Your 2016 Champion, Adrian Morgan, would fall to fourth with 54. Gideon Oji landed between these former Champs, finishing third with 63.5. It was the first time Oji had enjoyed the tamale. Others ate less. Some DQd. All did their best. And that's enough.

But not enough to catch Geoffrey Esper. Not in 2017.

FULL RESULTS! 1st: Geoffrey Esper, 83.5 tamales in 12 min 2nd: Miki Sudo, 72 3rd: Gideon Oji, 63.5 4th: Adrian Morgan, 54 5th: Michelle Lesco, 47 6th: Nasty Nate Biller, 30 7th: Brandon Moise, 21.5 8th: Clarence Loggins, 18 9th: Clint Grose, 15 10th: Ariel Davis, 12 11th: Alex Perez, 10 12th: Juan Neave and Mark Poland, DQ

This contest took place at 1pm Central, on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at the City Hall Stage at the Lewisville Western Days Festival, 151 W Church Street, Lewisville, TX 75057!

About The Western Days Festival In Historic Old Town Lewisville! The Western Days Festival World Tamale Eating Championship Presented By Market Street* is a highlight of the annual Western Days Festival in historic Old Town Lewisville, TX. This MLE-sanctioned competition is organized by the Lewisville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Market Street is the official provider of contest tamales at the World Tamale Eating Championship. Past champions of this 12-minute consumption marathon include reigning champion Adrian "The Rabbit" Morgan, Tim “Eater X” Janus, Sonya Thomas, Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo. Other festival events include live music, the Cattle Drive Parade featuring a herd of 20 longhorn cattle, an art exhibit, children’s activities and more.

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