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The Historic Route 66 Fall Fiesta World Green Chile Stew Eating Championship Presented By Grants, New Mexico

Location: Grants, NM
Date: 10-08-2016
Winner: Gideon Oji, with a World Record 1.3125 Gallons in 6 Min!


Make that two world records for Mount Oji. At the Historic Route 66 Fall Fiesta World Green Chile Stew Eating Championship Presented By Grants, New Mexico, Gideon Oji ate 5.25 32oz bowls (1.3125 gallons) of frankly delicious New Mexico-style Green Chile in six minutes to set a world record in the discipline. This feat adds a second world record to the #5-ranked eater in the world’s tally, following his Kale triumph in July.

While “chili” generally refers to a stew or soup prepared with beans and meat, “chile” in this case refers to the peppers that have been grown and enjoyed in New Mexico for thousands of years. There is no finer chile than the New Mexico green chile, for it provides the perfect base for a hearty stew—the perfect southwestern comfort food. Grants, NM, is the spiritual home of competitive Green Chile Stew eating.

Despite his 6-foot-9 frame, Oji was able to get low and close to the chile so as not to waste precious seconds on the spoon-to-mouth exchange. His wide stance—learned from years of top-tier basketball—is his anchor. He is an athlete who has chosen to direct his passion for success into competitive eating. In quick order, he has proven himself among the greatest. World #3 Miki Sudo was noble for second; Michelle Lesco would finish third. Full results below.

FULL RESULTS! All in 32oz bowls in 6 Min: 1 - 5.25 Gideon Oji 2 - 4.75 Miki Sudo 3 - 4.25 Michelle Lesco 4 - 4 Josh Miller 5 - 3.875 Rich LeFevre 6 - 2.25 Kobi Bauer 7 - 2 Stevie Bauer 8 - 1 Jamie West

This contest took place at 1pm on Saturday, October 8th, 2016, at Fire & Ice Park, Grants, New Mexico!

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