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Kale Yeah!—The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship Presented By Healthy Options

Location: Buffalo, NY
Date: 07-09-2016
Winner: Gideon Oji, with a WR 25.5 16oz servings of Kale Salad in 8 min


When the history of Zaria, Nigeria is written—and it will be written—spare a few sheets of paper and a quart of ink in celebration of that proud city's finest son, Gideon Oji. For alongside Zaria's many claims to fame*, it has emerged as the epicenter of competitive eating in Africa with Gideon Oji's win at Kale Yeah!—The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship Presented By Healthy Options. The event was the first sanctioned kale-eating World Championship and his win marked Oji's first non-qualifier gold in MLE competition. It will be the first of many. That is not blue-sky hope talking. That is fact.

There are few sights at the MLE table as imposing or as impressive as Oji in full tear. His 6-foot-9 frame hunched over to lessen the distance between food and mouth. His athletic physique willing food into submission. His mouth, at the starter's whistle, turning from smile to machine, and at the conclusion returning to joy. Guy's got it. Guy earned it. Hats off to Gideon Oji.

Kale Yeah!—The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship Presented By Healthy Options took place at The Taste of Buffalo and marked the first time in human history that the world's greatest eaters tested themselves against the almighty kale. It was dense. It was chewy. It called for a hero and Gideon Oji answered in resounding fashion. He ate 25.5 16oz servings of kale salad in eight minutes for the win. Carmen Cincotti grinded for second. Others ate less. All enjoyed the many health benefits of kale and the warm affections of the Buffalo faithful.

Full results below.

FULL RESULTS! 1 - Gideon Oji - 25.5 16oz by Volume Chopped Kale Salad in 8 min 2 - Carmen Cincotti - 20.75 3 - Marcos Owens - 18.5 4 - Badlands Booker - 17.5 5 - Crazy Legs Conti - 15.5 6T - Daniella Gioia and Ben Do - 14 8 - Buffalo Jim Reeves 12 9 - Michael Deitz - 10

  • Two highlights of Zarian prominence: Ahmadu Bello University, the largest university in Nigeria and the second largest in Africa, calls Zaria home and the city's textile industry has fashioned legendary hand-embroidered robes worn throughout West Africa for over 200 years.

This contest took place at 2pm Eastern, on Saturday, July 9th, 2016, on the Buffalo City Hall Portico Steps—65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202—at the Taste of Buffalo Festival!

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