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World Record Gumbo Eating Championship

Location: Larose, LA
Date: 11-07-2015
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a WR 15 16oz bowls in 8 min


Some days are great. Other days are the greatest. This day—this day—was the greatest. Two instances of excellence took place. First, and well out of Major League Eating's jurisdiction or purview, the people of Larose, LA, set the record for the World's Biggest Gumbo. They prepared a pot of 5,800 pounds of gumbo. In doing so, they wrested the crown from their rivals in Alabama and brought the title home to Louisiana. Where it belongs. Forever. The people of Larose, LA, and the organizers of this event deserve the praise and thanks of every man and woman in their great state. Major League Eating, on behalf of decent-minded people everywhere, calls upon Governor Jindal to recognize this proud achievement in a formal manner at an appropriate time.

Elsewhere, Joey Chestnut did what Joey Chestnut does. He came to the World Record Gumbo Eating Championship, saw what he wanted to see, ate like a lord and departed with the lion's share of the prize purse and a new World Record. Chestnut, the Great One, ate 15 16oz bowls of gumbo in eight minutes for the win, edging a surging Miki Sudo late in the contest by just half a bowl. Close, but no gumbo-scented cigar there, Miki. Adrian Morgan—a Louisiana native by birth and by the Grace of God—leaned upon his 30-plus years of gumbo-based lifestyle living with a strong showing of 11.25 bowls in eight minutes. Others ate less.

The true winner today, however, was not Chestnut, nor the men and women who toiled to set the record for the world's largest gumbo. No. The true winner was the gumbo. For the gumbo is a dish of humble origin who today stood on the mountaintop and proclaimed itself king. Hail, gumbo. Hail! Hail!

RESULTS! 1st - Joey Chestnut, 15 16oz bowls in 8 min 2nd - Miki Sudo, 14.5 bowls 3rd - Adrian Morgan, 11.25 4th - Nathan Biller, 7.25 5th - Corey Fanguy, 7 6th - Matthew Raible, 6.75 7th - Crazy Legs Conti, 6.25 8th - Michael Whities, 6 9th - Damon Serignet, 4

This contest took place at 1pm Central time World Record Gumbo on Saturday, November 7, 2015, at the Larose Civic Center and Bayou Civic Club, 307 E 5th St, Larose, LA 70373!

About World Record Gumbo! Who can possibly imagine the World Record Gumbo is in Alabama!!! It belongs in Louisiana and we are bringing it home, home to the Bayou! The World Record Gumbo will be made on November 7th in Larose, LA at the Larose Civic Center. The World's Largest Gumbo and the Bayou's Biggest Tailgate along with with the LSU v Alabama football game and a huge 30 ft screen. Who would want to be anywhere else?? We Are Taking The Title Back From Alabama The Gumbo will be BIG, really big...5000 POUNDS, 2 ½ tons of gumbo and that is not even counting the rice! There will be an additional 2 ½ tons of rice...We are talking HUGE! This event will be sanctioned by the Guinness Book of World Records and a Guinness Adjudicator will be onsite to announce a NEW WORLD RECORD has been set and brought home to Louisiana!

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