8th Annual John Ascuaga's Nugget World Rib Eating Championship

Location: Sparks, NV
Date: 08-28-2013
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a new WR of 13.76 lb in 12 minutes!


There is no scene like it in all of sports anywhere in the world and if you went looking for it, boy, would you get tired because you would not find it no matter how long you tried. The moment when an MLE emcee is granted the honor of saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, a new world record stage has been set on this stage today and you have seen it," invigorates the crowd. The word, "Yeah!" is often heard in response. The energy is palpable. Some have said it's because witnessing history gives life meaning. And for the countless thousands who witnessed the 8th annual John Ascuaga's Nugget World Rib Eating Championship, their lives were changed forever.

In short: They watched a dude eat 13.76 lb of ribs in 12 minutes. That dude was Joey "Jaws" Chestnut and he was awesome. It was a vintage performance of pure power eating by the Great One. Matthew Stonie, who would finish second, and Ms Miki Sudo, who would finish third, bolted to an early lead, moving quickly from pans one, two and three. But Chestnut never erred nor did he ever doubt. He simply ate. Each bite an extension of the previous one—an unrelenting march to victory, a metronomic and relentless expression of his will to dominate not only the ribs but his fellow man and woman.

Anthony Melchiorri, host of Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible," and a lifelong fan of the sport, was able to live the dream of competing on the MLE stage against the world's very best. He would finish 8th with a respectable 3.85 lb of ribs. Juan Rodriguez, fourth, and Steve Hendry, 5th, rounded out the money positions.

As day turned to night, the cool northern Nevada air mixed with the smoke of ribs being cooked far and wide. Families walked hand in hand. The eaters, win or lose, smiled to a man. And all who were there knew that it was good.

This contest took place at 6pm Pacific, on Wednesday August 28, 2013 on the Main Stage at the The 25th Annual Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off, John Ascuaga's Nugget, 1100 Nugget Ave, Sparks, NV!

TOTAL PRIZE PURSE: $5,000! 1st - $2,500 Joey Chestnut, 13.76 lb 2nd - $1,000 Matthew Stonie, 11.2 lb 3rd - $750 Ms Miki Sudo, 7.1 lb 4th - $500 Juan Rodriguez, 6.5 lb 5th - $250 Steve Hendry 4.67 lb 6th - Don Brown and Ken Douglas, 3.9 lb 8th - Anthony Melchiorri, 3.85 lb 9th - Drake Nelson, 3.4 lb 10th - Melissa Vojtko, 1.87 lb 11th - Lee Hantzsche, 1.8

Please note: This contest is restricted to participants aged 18 and over.

About The 25th Annual Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off! The 25th Annual Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off features the nation’s top rib-cookers, each vying for the highly coveted first place trophy, cash prizes and the People Choice Award. This year, John Ascuaga’s Nugget anticipates at least 500,000 hungry BBQ-lovers will consume the more than 100 tons of ribs over the extended Labor Day weekend.

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