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Wild Eggs National Pancake Eating Championship

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Date: 09-29-2012

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Age and experience trumps youth and beauty, says the often-disproved maxim. True it was, however, in Louisville, KY, at the Wild Eggs National Pancake Eating Championship, where MLE legend Patrick Bertoletti fended off a spirited effort from smooth-cheeked juggernaut Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie. Final score? Patrick 50 Wild Eggs pancakes; Matthew 47.

In their previous two meetings on the MLE stage it was #6-ranked Stonie who prevailed, edging Bertoletti in both ribs and gyoza. Bertoletti, the 2nd-ranked eater in the world, vowed not to let the man from San Jose defeat him a third time in sanctioned competition. Self-respect is a powerful motivator. So too is money—Bertoletti claimed the first prize of $2000 from the event's $4000 prize purse.

Bertoletti proved once again that his capacity is peerless in our sport; his haul of 50 pancakes represents an ingestion of over 10 pounds of buttermilky goodness. First and second put daylight between them and their fellow prize recipients. Gravy Brown ate 28.5 for third; Meredith "the Deep Fried Diva" Boxberger of Barrie, ON, ate 23.5 in a display that earned her "one to watch, seriously" status among informed fans of our sport. Badlands ate 23. And rapped and smiled.

Prize results! 1st Patrick Bertoletti 50, $2,000 2nd Matthew Stonie 47, $1,000 3rd Gravy Brown 28.5, $600 4th Meredith Boxberger 23.5, $250 5th Badlands Booker 23, $150

This MLE-sanctioned competition was the first to feature the cuisine of Wild Eggs—a Louisville, KY-based group of restaurants whose goal is to offer the same level of preparation, presentation and service that guests expect from an upscale dining experience. Wild Eggs serves innovative dishes that offer a fresh, contemporary approach to traditional breakfast, brunch and lunch. From bacon and eggs, to Wild Eggs' signature Everything muffin and Sweet Home Apple Bourbon Crepes, each detail of every meal is crafted with care.

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