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Isle Casino Racing Pickle Eating World Championship

Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Date: 09-12-2010
Winner: Pat Bertoletti

Pat Bertoletti added to his lengthy list of world records on Sunday, September 12th after eating 5lbs 11.2 oz of sour pickles at the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park to win the World Pickle Eating Championship.

The event took place in the scorching Pompano, FL heat, but that didn't slow down Bertoletti as he almost doubled the previous record of 2.99 lbs in the 6-minute contest. Although former pickle champ Beautiful Brian could not make the trip to compete, he was there in spirit when his gameworn pickle apron was presented to Bertoletti for post contest pictures.

It was a photo finish to determine the second/third place finishers with Bob "Notorious B.O.B." Shoudt and "The Black Widow" Sonya Thomas eating virtually the same amount of food. The scales showed the same (5lbs 5 oz) and a tie for second place was announced.

Fourth place was also jam-packed as three gurgitators including Hall "Hoover" Hunt, Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard and Gabe Kassel, each finished four one-pound bowls of pickles in the contest to split the fourth and fifth place prize money three ways. The contest marked the first event for Hunt after a nearly 12-month hiatus.

This was the sixth event at an Isle Casino property in 2010. Additional contests will be held later this year at Isle properties in Caruthersville, MO and Bettendord, IA.

FULL RESULTS 1 - Pat Bertoletti - 5lbs 11.2 oz sour pickles in 6 minutes - $1,500 T2 - Bob Shoudt - 5lbs 5 oz - $1,125 T2 - Sonya Thomas - 5lbs 5 oz - $1,125 T4 - Hall Hunt - 4 lbs - $416.66 T4 - Bryan Beard - 4 lbs - $416.66 T4 - Gabe Kassel - 4 lbs - $416.66 T7 - Jeremy Park - 2.75 lbs T7 - Michael Parish - 2.75 lbs T9 - Sean Brockert - 2.5 lbs T9 - Jon Bello - 2.5 lbs 11 - Bruce Ollis - 1.9 lbs 12 - Ryan Shams - 1.1 lbs

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