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7-Eleven Sport Slurping Time Trials

Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 04-13-2010

Who do you think will win? Tell us!

In a landmark announcement, Major League Eating has stated that it will sanction an Australian circuit of “Sports Slurping” in association with 7-Eleven Australia.

Pat Bertoletti will appear at three officially sanctioned Sports Slurping Time Trials. Bertoletti, who is known as “The Ice Man” in Australia, will display his slurping skills in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The series of events is being made even more remarkable by 7-Eleven’s recent introduction of a special Sports Slurpee charged with electrolytes – both in Mountain Blast and Berry Ice flavours – believed to shave seconds off Slurping times.

The Sports Slurping Time Trials will occur the week of April 11th. At each, Pat will challenge Slurpee-loving Austrailans to beat his time. Bertoletti, who is well known as the ice cream eating champion of the world, will be accompanied by MLE legend Hall Hunt. Hunt will present The Ice Man to throngs of fans in each Sports Slurping city while acting as the official referee. Outfitted in an official’s striped uniform, Hunt will hold the Sports Slurping stopwatch, a timepiece that has been approved by MLE officials in New York City.

Slurpee is on the hunt for Australia’s fastest Slurper and will crown the first ever Sports Slurping champion in mid May 2010. The victor will be adorned with the illustrious title of ‘Sports Slurpee Champion’ and will take home the inaugural Sports Slurpee Trophy as well as a year’s supply of Slurpees. The slowest Sports Slurpee competitor will not escape public recognition as a Wooden Spoonstraw prize will be awarded for the slowest time! All Australian Slurpers aged 18 years and older can participate in the world’s first Sports Slurping contest.

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About Slurpee The term Slurpee was coined in 1967 and since this time the iconic product has become a worldwide phenomenon. Today more than 11.6 million Slurpee drinks are consumed around the world everyday.

About Sports Slurpee In 2009 the Official Sport of Slurping (OSOS) mobilized its 30,000 members and partnered with 7-Eleven to lobby international sporting bodies all over the globe to recognise Slurping as an official sport. This endeavour was successful as the world’s first Sports Slurping events were added to the IFOCE and MLE eating calendars in 2010. Sports Slurpees in Mountain Blast and Berry Ice are now available in all 7-Eleven stores.

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