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Mayoi Ebihara

Bib Sheet

Osaka, Japan
Age: 27

Born in the gastronomic heartland of Osaka, Japan, Mayoi Ebihara's love for food was, perhaps, destined. While the city is famed for takoyaki and okonomiyaki, Mayoi's appetite knows no bounds. From devouring 15.5 lbs of curry to astonishingly consuming 220 pieces of sushi in one go, her feats are both jaw-dropping and hunger-inducing. Mayoi's entry into the Major League Eating in 2023 was nothing short of explosive. Consuming 33.5 Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and Buns, she secured the 2nd spot, bested only by the seasoned 9-time champion Miki Sudo. Their tearful embrace at the July 4th contest not only epitomized sportsmanship but also showcased Mayoi's respect for her competitor. And while her admiration for Miki is evident, her ambition is crystal clear: to be the best eater in the world, irrespective of gender. Beyond competitions, what's truly fascinating is Mayoi's unconventional style. On July 4th, competitors and spectators where taken by her laser-focused intensity and decision to compete barefoot. A strategic advantage? Or a mind game to the rest of the field? Yet, amidst this focus, she doesn't lose sight of her motto: "Have fun & eat delicious food". This approach makes her a joy to watch, turning every competition into a celebration of food. Although a rising star in the competitive eating world, Mayoi Ebihara isn't just about setting records. She's here to redefine the competitive eating space with her infectious energy, unyielding focus, and sheer love for food. And as she journeys ahead, she reminds us all to relish life, one delicious bite at a time.

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