Adam Moran

Bib Sheet

Leeds, United Kingdom
Age: 34
Weight: 155

Adam "Beard Meets Food" Moran is the #1-ranked eater in the United Kingdom and, until the Brexit situation is resolved, all of Europe. That's a continent to the east of North America. And, well, the west, too. What, with the earth being round and all. Within the correct bands of latitude, go east or west for long enough and you'll hit Europe. Beard, as he is referred to by the eating community, is a YouTube sensation who has dedicated his MLE career to bringing the Mustard Yellow belt to the UK. Doing so would mean destroying American pride in the name of our former colonial overlords on our nation's birthday. Should that ever happen, the tears in Coney Island will flood this nation from sea to shining sea. We pray it doesn't but we wish Beard well in trying.