Matt Hazzard

Bib Sheet

Normal, IL
Age: 25

Matt Hazzard has a truly great legal name. It needs no adornments. It is robust, strong and proud. That he would choose to go by the moniker “Hungry” Hazzard is frankly unnecessary—anyone who has seen his swift rise throughout the 2018 eating season will agree that, yes, the dude is hungry. (It rankles. Did the great British jockey Willie Carson go by Willie “Kinda Short” Carson? No, he did not. He stands five-foot tall. His height is self-evident.) Hazzard’s hunger has driven him to consume 11 pints of ice cream in six minutes, 15.75 pounds of Baked Bear ice-cream sandwiches in six minutes and 29 donuts in eight minutes. He has qualified for the 2019 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest with a personal best 29.5 HDBs in 10 minutes. The Hazzard story is just beginning.