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Smoke’s Poutinerie 6th Annual World Poutine Eating Championship

Location: Toronto, ON
Date: 10-03-2015
Winner: Matt Stonie, with 22b of Smoke's Poutine in 10 mins!


The march of Stonie continues apace. The #1-ranked eater in the world put on a clinic of pure power eating at the Smoke’s Poutinerie 6th Annual World Poutine Eating Championship to claim the top prize. Stonie ate 22 lbs of Smoke's Poutinerie Poutine in 10 minutes for the win. Each bite was a declaration of intent and purpose: Stonie the Boy is dead. The Man is thriving, cutting history down like a scythe. Cross my path at thy peril, old men.

Youth is a hunter. Youth can not be contained. And look what it can do with just enough wisdom and learning and cunning. Stonie is just getting started, y'all.

This signature event—held annually in beautiful downtown Toronto, ON, which is surprisingly clean—draws the greatest MLE eaters from far and wide for box upon box of delicious Smoke's Poutinerie poutine. In pre-contest comments on social media, Stonie used some colorful language to express his delight upon enjoying the product in a casual dining setting. (Thankfully he omitted just enough vowels to keep it on the right side of wrong.) And he's right: The sht is fkn great.

Stonie has added endurance to his speed and capacity. Whereas once the Great One Chestnut might have mowed him down in the latter stages of a contest, now Stonie can maintain his power and tempo throughout. This hare does the tortoise. Only way faster.

Credit here to Chestnut, too. There are two people, and two people only, on the planet who would call 20.5 lbs of Smoke's Poutinerie Poutine in 10 minutes for second place a less-than-stellar day at the office. Their names and Stonie and Chestnut. It's a short list.

One must win, one must fall. It is their world. Bronze is the highest honor for the rest. A quick look at their totals vs the field just shows how incredible their respective performances are. They are in another class, pure and simple, and that in no way diminishes the accomplishments of the rest. The Renaissance had Michelangelo and DaVinci, sure, but the period was truly enriched by Titian, Raphael—even Tintoretto, if you want to extend into the late Renaissance's Mannerist period. (Those tired of the balance and clarity of earlier Renaissance painting will thrill to the Mannerist period's compositional tension and instability.)

Full results below. Props to Yasir Salem for continuing a successful 2015 and to Mr Steven Dorgo, former Amateur Champ and proud Ontarian, for a strong showing.

FULL RESULTS! 1st - 22 pounds of Smoke's Poutinerie Poutine in 10 mins - Matt Stonie 2nd - 20.5 pounds - Joey Chestnut 3rd - 11 pounds - Yasir Salem 4th - 10.75 pounds - Badlands Booker 5th - 9.25 pounds - Steve Dorgo 6th - 8.75 pounds - Meredith Boxberger 7th - 7.5lb Jim Reeves 8th - 5.375lb - Wild Bill 9th - 4.875lb - Larell Marie Mele 10th - 3.5lb Andrew Younghusband

This contest took place at 3pm Eastern, on Saturday, October 3th, 2015, at Yonge-Dundas Square in the beating heart of downtown Toronto!

About Smoke's Poutinerie! Smoke's Poutinerie is taking the food industry by storm and feeding the hungry masses with some wicked Poutine combinations. The exclusive Smoke's Poutinerie menu promises to appeal to everyone's taste buds; whether you're looking for a Traditional Poutine featuring Fresh Hand-Cut Fries, Squeaky Cheese Curd & Smoke's Signature Gravy or something to kick it up a notch, like our Bacon Double Cheeseburger Poutine that will leave you wanting more!!!

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