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Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC

Location: Washington, DC
Date: 10-11-2014
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with 1.875 gallons of Ben's Chili Bowl Chili in 6 min


There is no greater country than the United States of America. There is no greater capital than Washington DC. There is no greater chili than that prepared and served with love by Ben's Chili Bowl. These truths we find self-evident.

At the 2014 installment of the Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC—a six-minute battle of man and woman vs Ben's Chili Bowl Chili vs each other vs themselves—it was the world's #1-ranked eater, Joey Chestnut, who prevailed. Chestnut ate fast, clean and with an elegant urgency. Like someone doing origami, only really quickly, noted someone in the crowd named Jeff when asked to describe what he had just witnessed.

Chestnut fended off a vigorous challenge from defending champion and noted capacity eater Bob Shoudt, who finished second. Sonya Thomas—who smiled throughout the contest—came third, while Juliet Lee—who wore a fetching fur-lined jacket to fend of the cold—came fourth.

Full results below.

This contest took place at 3pm Eastern, on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at the Taste of DC Culinary Stage, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC!

FULL RESULTS! 1st - Joey Chestnut, 1.875 Gallons in 6 min, $1,750 2nd - Bob Shoudt, 1.625, $650 3rd - Sonya Thomas, 1.1875,$400 4th - Juliet Lee, 1.125, $200 5th - Yasir Salem and Brian Subich, 0.8125 7th - Wild Bill Himself and Micah Collins, 0.625 9th - Steakbellie Livingston, 0.5

About Taste of DC! Taste of DC is a multi-day culinary and cultural event in the heart of the nation’s capital. This expansive festival packs five blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue with area restaurants, great drinks, lively entertainment, engaging corporate partners, and fellow Washingtonians and visitors.

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