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Stonie Claims Gyoza Title


Winning is a habit. Which is why Matt Stonie likely feels relief at being top of the podium after eating 323 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 minutes to claim the 2016 World Gyoza Eating Championship. It was Stonie's first MLE win since May and he will doubtless use it as a pivot point moving forward. How the rest of the 2016 season fares for the young man from San Jose is up to him and God.

Stonie entered the event as the hot favorite, of course, with his nemesis/buddy Joey Chestnut back home up north competing in the World Taco Championships on the same day. Do not think for a moment, however, that Stonie's win deserves an asterix for Chestnut's absence. Stonie's performance in this event was complete, perfect and dominant. The job of a top-ranked eater is to win, no matter the challenges or challengers. Stonie rose to meet all comers with his trademark speed and strength.

Geoffrey Esper continued his impressive 2016 with 243 Day-Lee Foods gyoza on debut at the event. He will no doubt return to the event in 2017 with 243 pieces of insight upon which to improve. Miki Sudo finished third with 229. All eaters performed admirably; full results are below.

FULL RESULTS! 1 Matt Stonie, 323 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 min 2 Geoffrey Esper 243 3 Miki Sudo 229 4 Gideon Oji 183 5 Juan Rodriguez 181 6 Rich LeFevre 168 7 Pablo Martinez 127 8 Badlands Booker 116 9 Carlene LeFevre 80 10 Doug Ecks 72 11 Mary Bowers 65 12 Kentaro Shimizu 63 13 Lesley Ryder 50

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