Carlene LeFevre



Bib Sheet

Henderson, NV
Age: A lady never tells
Weight: 130

Carlene LeFevre is one of the most charming and elegant eaters on the circuit. She is a substitute teacher in Henderson, NV, and a former Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson.

She frequently can be seen reapplying her lipstick immediately following a contest, using the side of a knife as a mirror. Nonetheless, Carlene is a fierce and highly focused competitor who releases excess energy by poppping up and down as she eats. This activity, known as "The Carlene Pop," also helps to tamp down the food in her stomach, releasing any air pockets (known as gas to the uninitiated).

Carlene recently beat her highly competitive husband, outperforming him in the World Posole Eating Championship. One hopes the LeFevre family meal will remain a time for quiet reflection and not become an outlet for intramural competition.