Chestnut Makes It Five Straight At St Elmo Shrimp Cocktail

Indianapolis, IN Joey Chestnut—#1-ranked eater in the world, greatest eater of all-time, Californian, self-described "goofy" guy—made it five wins in a row at the 2017 installment of the World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship–At The Meijer Tailgate Party on Georgia Street. He ate 10lb, 6.4oz of St Elmo shrimp cocktail in eight minutes to remain undefeated at the event. He lead early and did not look back. He has mastered the St Elmo shrimp cocktail as he has mastered other disciplines. One day someone may well eat more St Elmo shrimp cocktail than Joey Chestnut but that day was not today.

The podium followed in rank order: Oji second with eight pounds, Jacobs third with 5lb, 1.6oz and Conti fourth with 4lb, 9.6oz, plus another solid showing from MLE newcomer Ivan Mendoza for fifth with 4lb, 3.2oz. Mendoza ate in a body-hugging lycra cycling that left little to the imagination. It is a good thing he is 20 years old. May he enjoy the bloom of youth. Sing while you have more of a future than a past, Ivan Mendoza. Time wins before you ever knew you were in a fight. Time remains undefeated.

The event, as is tradition, took place before the annual Big 10 Conference Championship football game between Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin, a game that would be won by Ohio State on the back of big first-half offensive plays. Major League Eating congratulates coach Urban Meyer and the Ohio State University on this achievement.

Ain't like eating over 10 pounds of St Elmo shrimp cocktail in eight minutes, though. Just saying.

1. Joey Chestnut 10lb 6.4oz in 8 minutes
2. Gideon Oji 8lb
3. Derek Jacobs 5lb 1.6oz
4. Crazy Legs Conti 4lb 9.6oz
5. Ivan Mendoza 4lb 3.2oz
6. Matthew Raible and Michael Deitz 4lb
8. Andrew Kogutkiewicz 3lb 6.4oz
9. Bryan Big Sexy Beard 2lb 6.4oz