Cincotti Sets World Croqueta Eating Record!

Miami, FL Damas y caballeros, escucha me: Carmen "El Motín" Cincotti ate 158 Catalina croquetas to set a world record in the croqueta discipline. Major League Eating congratulates the young man on this feat; it is the first record of its kind. The record was etched into human memory at El Croquetazo At Calle Ocho Presented By Catalina—an eight-minute battle of man vs woman vs croqueta at the Carnaval Miami festival on the Magic City's famed Calle Ocho.

Catalina croquetas are the finest in the world and a classic example of this savory Cuban delicacy, often enjoyed as a snack, often two or three at a time, perhaps with rich and sweet coffee. They are, frankly, delicious—recreational eaters are encouraged to explore the many possibilities of the croqueta. Let's just say it's hard to have a bad time eating one. Or 158 in eight minutes, as Cincotti did. He was ruthless in this event, not pausing for a second to consider the many indignities brought upon him by choosing to fly on Spirit airlines earlier that day. Cincotti has quickly established himself as a clean, powerful and smooth eater. He does not give in to unnecessary gesticulation or mastication. He gives each bite, each sip of water, the minimum required dose for an effective outcome, and repeats until the clock reads 0:00. Take nothing away from second-place finisher Geoffrey Esper—he was relentless in his application. Badlands was very hungry and very focussed; he would finish third. Others ate less, but all experienced the majesty of the Catalina croqueta and the many wonders of the Calle Ocho festival.

Full results below.

1. Carmen Cincotti, a WR 158 Catalina croquetas in 8 miniutes
2. Geoffrey Esper 144
3. Badlands Booker 92
4. Michelle Lesco 90
5. Nathan Figueroa 80
6. Erik The Red Denmark 74
7. Victor Aldrich 10, but admittedly he did eat in an amateur contest a few hours earlier, so there is that.

Carmen Cincotti ate 158 Catalina croquetas to set a the inaugural world croqueta-eating record