Esper's Elite Year Continues With Pumpkin Pie Domination!

Elk Grove, CA The 2017 installment of the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival World Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship belonged to Geoffrey Esper. He ate 15.75lb of pie in eight minutes to secure the win and $2,500. His win was thorough, complete and dominant. He lead from the first minute to the last and never looked in trouble. He ate cleanly, never needing to stop to deal with crust debris, like so many of his rivals on this day. He was methodical. He was businesslike. Other synonyms one could use to describe his performance include, but are not limited to: analytical, deliberate, disciplined, efficient, meticulous, orderly, precise, structured and systematic.

Esper is all of these things at the MLE table. He does not rush, he does not falter. And when he does not win, it is not because of errors on his part. Sometimes, others do better. Life teaches this lesson daily. The key to success is don’t beat yourself. Maintain possession. Don’t turn the ball over. Get on base. Make your free throws. Esper does all of these things and he does them well.

Congratulations to Pumpkin Pie debutante Gideon Oji for a solid second-place finish. Miki Sudo finished second to round out the podium. Others ate less.

A hearty round of applause and thanks to Elk Grove Police Officer Kristina Ramirez, who consumed three-and-a-half pounds of pumpkin pie in eight minutes to finish top among the community eater entrants in the event. For her efforts, the Cosumnes CSD—the hosts of the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival—donated $350 to the charity of her choice, End of Watch, a group that supports families of law enforcement officers and employees experiencing tragedy.

Full results below.

1. Geoffrey Esper, 15.75lb of Pumpkin Pie in 8 min
2. Gideon Oji, 9.5lb
3. Miki Sudo, 9lb
4. Steve Hendry, 8lb
5. Pablo Martinez, 6lb 14oz
6. Ryan Buicko, 4.5lb
7. Sergio Reyes Raya, 4.25lb
8. Jon Davis, 3.75lb
9. Kristina Ramirez, 3.5lb
10. Dan Davis, 3.25lb
11. Rod Brewer, 3lb
12. Mary Bowers, 2.5lb
13. Alex Moose Perez, 2lb
14. Nick Flores, 1.75lb
15. Joel Steinberg, 1.5lb

Geoffrey Esper ate 15.75lb of Pumpkin Pie in eight minutes for the win