Chestnut Reclaims Gyoza Crown!

Los Angeles, CA Joey Chestnut won the 2017 edition of the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship with a trademark display of powerhouse eating. He was relentless, fast and brutal. It was not pretty. It was beautiful. Like Rothko’s Four Seasons murals or Shostakovich’s darker works. Symphony Number 14 in G Minor comes to mind. His final tally of 377 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 minutes was just seven shy of his world record mark. The next highest finisher, Geoffrey Esper, would land 60 gyoza behind Chestnut. It is hard to remember as dominant a performance at this event because there has not been a performance as dominant. It was Chestnut’s day.

Which is to take nothing away from Esper. His 2017 continues its extraordinary run; consider that he ate 243 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 minutes last year and 317 this year. The Esper arrow points up. Matthew Stonie, attempting his third straight win this event, would finish third with 291. He will be disappointed with his placing and his total. Darron Breeden set a rookie record with 250, while Miki Sudo—who had never finished lower or higher than third in this event—would have to settle for fifth. Others ate less and placed accordingly.

Full results below.

1 Joey Chestnut 377 Day-Lee Foods gyoza in 10 minutes
2 Geoffrey Esper 317
3 Matt Stonie 291
4 Darron Breeden 250
5 Miki Sudo 200
6 Michelle Lesco 176
7 Juan Rodriguez 173
8 Rich LeFevre 167
9 Steve Hendry and Badlands Booker 127
11 Jon Bello 116
12 Sarah Reinecke 85
13 Doug Ecks 77
14 Pablo Martinez 75
15 Mrs Carlene LeFevre 66
16 Aaron Stroope 58
17 Mary Bowers 34

Joey Chestnut ate 377 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 minutes for the title