Sudo Sets New World Ice Cream-Eating Record

Indianapolis, IN Not going to lie: Didn’t see that one coming. And we are not talking about the fact that Miki Sudo set a new World Record with a staggering 16.5 pints of ice cream in just six minutes at The Prairie Farms World Ice Cream Eating Championship At The Indiana State Fair. She is Miki Sudo. She is the number-one ranked female eater in the world. She does stuff like this. We are talking about the utter intensity of this Championship event and the lengths to which Sudo was pushed by the rest of the field. Today, everyone on stage deserves to take a bow.

Yes, it was Sudo who ate 16.5 pints of Prairie Farms ice cream. This analysis does not suggest otherwise. But it was her rivals that pushed her to lengths she did not know she had. So let’s just get it out of the way: Props to Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez. He has never eaten harder. He has never eaten with more tenacity or more drive. He has never so richly deserved to win. That he finished second with 15 pints—equaling the existing world record—should not diminish his performance. No Juan Rodriguez at the table, no new Miki Sudo world record. Major League Eating is reluctant to speculate on the reasons for each wanting to beat the other so very much. Both gave all; the difference was simply God-given, perhaps.

So, hail to the queen. Hail to Sudo. Hail to the new world Ice Cream-Eating Record. But never forget the sound of footsteps and how the heart drives the stomach. We are one body—muscle and soul are roommates.

Full results below. A hearty round of applause, too, to the people of the Indiana State Fair.

1. Miki Sudo 16.5 Pints of Prairie Farms vanilla ice-cream in six minutes
2. Juan Rodriguez 15
3. Brian Dud Lite Dudzinski 13
4. Derek Jacobs 10.5
5. Matt Hazzard 9
6. Sophia DeVita, Matt Raible 8
8. Ivan Mendoza 7.5
9. Stacy Fitzsimmons 5
10. Marcus Feldman 4.5

Six minutes and 16.5 pints of ice cream later, Sudo earns World Record number two