Cincotti Claims First Title And Sets New World Brat Record!

Tulsa, OK: Year ye, hear ye, hear ye: Carmen Cincotti, the #4-ranked eater in the world, ate 101 Siegi's bratwurst sausages in 10 minutes. In doing so, he claimed the 2016 Siegi’s World Championship Bratwurst Eating Contest At Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa title, set a new Bratwurst World Record, defeated the great Joey Chestnut and bagged a cool $2,000 for his efforts. It marks Cincotti's first non-qualifier win, his first Title, after many close calls with glory. He should be proud of his achievement. It is significant.

In social media comments following the event, Cincotti said*: "First win finally. Bratwurst eating record holder of the world with 101 links."

One brat. That is all that stood between Cincotti and second-place finisher, Joey Chestnut. At full-time, as plates were counted, Chestnut remarked to the event emcee, "Looks like we're going to overtime," thinking they had each tied with 100 brats—some 20 plates, all now empty that once provided home and comfort for five Siegi's brats. (Do that math.) And there it was on the table: Cincotti's magic plate, there for all to see. Twenty empty plates and that one plate upon which four, not five, brats rested. His total of 100 ticked up by one and the crown was his. Chestnut took the result in stride. He simply said: "He got me."

One feels—nay, knows—this win will not be an isolated incident in the eating career of Mr. Cincotti. He has blazed a trail of utter devastation in 2016, casting aside the reputations and previous achievements of his fellow eaters with a disdain that borders on repugnance. He is The Mutiny. He has no respect for the chain of command. He does not look back and he does not fear tomorrow. To Cincotti, history is but a crutch on which old men lean when they can no longer run. And run he can.

A tip of the boater to Mrs Carlene LeFevre and Mrs Candice Alcott who each brought civility and grace to the afternoon's proceedings.

Full results below.

1 Carmen Cincotti 101 Brats in 10 Min
2 Joey Chestnut 100
3 Rich LeFevre 48
4 Robert McKinney 39.5
5 Chris Hobson 23.5
6 Carlene LeFevre 20.5
7 Moose Perez 14
8 Mark Poland 11
9 Joe Alcott 10
10 Mr Linde Himself 7
11 Mrs Tulsa Herself, Mrs Candice Alcott 2

* Tweeted, more accurately.