Joey Chestnut Defends World Brat-Eating Title! Again!

Guten tag, America. Guten tag, Welt. Let it be known that on September 17, 2016, Joey Chestnut once more proved that he is the Bratmeister. Which sounds like a bad nickname a fraternity brother may give one of his peers who shows a propensity to follow a bratwurst-centric diet. In German, however, it simply means Brat Master. That frat dude is not the Brat Master. You are not the Brat Master. Joey Chestnut is the Brat Master.

The Great One ate 67 Glier's Brats in 10 minutes for the win—his seventh straight Cincinnati bratwurst-eating title. He remains undefeated at the event. His 2016 marks falls just three brats short of his World Record mark of 70, set in 2013. In post event comments, Chestnut remarked to MLE staff on the ground: "I thought I had it." The disappointment was clear; when eating 67 brats, bagging the cash, the glory and your seventh straight title is cause for angst, you are doing something right.

Chestnut paid close attention to Gideon Oji, to his left, who finished in second with 40.75. Matthew "Sweet Tooth" Cohen did not live up to his nickname at all, finishing strongly in this most savory of events with 29. Cohen continues to improve with every event he enters. One thinks his 2017 will be telling. Others ate less.

But the 2016 Oktoberfest Zinzinnati World Bratwurst-Eating Championship belonged to one man and his name is Chestnut. He understands the brat completely and dominates not only the competition but the food itself. The Cincinnati faithful let his name ring into the warm afternoon air. Chestnut smiled. Job done. Success again.

1 Joey Chestnut 67 Brats in 10 min
2 Gideon Oji 40.75
3 Matthew Cohen 29
4 Scott Thomas and Ethan Teske 26
6 Matthew Raible 18
7 Sean Mulcahey 16.25
8 Patrick Kelly 6.5
9 Mrs Sara Lamar 6.25