Chestnut Claims Taco Crown

He is the greatest eater in the history of mankind. He is the #1-ranked eater in the world. He is the Great One. He is also, as of 3.13pm Pacific on Saturday the 20th August, 2016, the reigning Chacho's taco-eating Champion of the world. He is Joey Chestnut and he ate 79 Chacho's tacos in eight minutes to score the victory at the 2016 installment of the Chacho's World Taco Eating Championship.

Chestnut did what Chestnut does: He lead from the start and did not slow until he was told in no uncertain terms to stop eating by the contest emcee at the conclusion of the event. He is a powerhouse and workhorse all at once, and he would not be denied today, not here, in San Jose, his many friends watching on in the warm balm of a summer's afternoon in this small patch of heaven by the Bay.

There are no easy victories in MLE competition, of course. Rookie sensation Carmen Cincotti pushed Chestnut throughout; one fancies that with more contest experience under his belt, Cincotti will only improve. He ate 68 Chacho's tacos to take second place. Michelle Lesco took third; Adrian Morgan took fourth; Steve Hendry took fifth. Full results are below.

But at the conclusion of this event, Matt Stonie's world record of 103 Chacho's tacos in eight minutes remained. For eight glorious minutes it appeared vulnerable, like an injured fawn lying in a clearing. A broken leg, perhaps. Its eyes welling with sadness as the wolves descend, their nostrils filled with the scent of blood. This time the fawn survived. In the future, one fears, the outcome could well be different.

1 Joey 79 Chacho's Tacos in 8 minutes
2 Carmen Cincotti 68
3 Michelle Lesco 56
4 Adrian Morgan 53
5 Steve Henry 37
6 Sergio Reyes 24
7 Cameron Birdwell 23
8 Henry Navarro 13
9 Jon Davis 12
10 The Man Called H 10
11 Tito Best 8