Joey Chestnut Reclaims Hooters Wing Title

It's all coming up Chestnut.

Joey Chestnut's comeback tour of 2016 pulled into Las Vegas, NV, for the fifth annual Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship and sped off into the desert dust with a smile, a fat payday and another title. Chestnut ate 194 Hooters wings in 10 minutes to edge his nemesis/respected adversary/buddy Matt Stonie by just eight wings. The win marked Chestnut's fourth Hooters title.

What can be said about Joey Chestnut and the consumption of Hooters chicken wings that hasn't been said before? Not much, but here is the take away: He eats with a relentless and steady rhythm, like a giant sea, always surging, always forward, never in panic. The sea always wins and the sea knows this. Chestnut is no different in his approach, even when the results don't fall his way. He has a technique and he sticks to it. He finds his tempo and he dances to it. He finds his home mentally and spiritually and he anchors his will and effort and hope to it. And he wins more often than not. Why go changing?

Stonie was gracious in defeat, if eating 186 Hooters wings in 10 minutes can be called defeat. He knew it would be close and today was not his today. Perhaps tomorrow will be. Or the day after. He should not be concerned. Wing specialist and handsome man Adrian Morgan ate well for third. Gideon Oji's impressive 2016 continued for a fourth-place finish.

Full results below.

1 Joey Chestnut 194 Hooters wings in 10 min
2 Matt Stonie 186
3 Adrian Morgan 176
4 Gideon Oji 161
5 Michelle Lesco 142
6 Yasir Salem 138
7 Geoffrey Esper 137
8 Juan Rodriguez 136
9 Juliet Lee 126
10 Josh Miller 122
11 Miki Sudo 116
12 Steve Hendry 104
13 Rich LeFevre 90

Chestnut ate 194 Hooters wings in 10 minutes for the win