Joey Chestnut Takes Meat Pie Title, Record!

Joey Chestnut, the #2-ranked eater in the world, continued his unbeaten 2016 at the Silver Slipper World Meat Pie Eating Championship by eating 23 6oz Meat Pies in 10 minutes. In doing so, he set a new world record; the previous mark was 16. It was a good day for Joey Chestnut. At the conclusion of the contest, Chestnut beamed his bearded smile and walked into the soft Bay St Louis, Mississippi, afternoon a satisfied competitor, the cool breeze from the Gulf kissing his cheek in celebration. Even Mother Nature, it would seem, is a fan. Joey, Joey, Joey.

The event—and Chestnut's latest World Record, record number 41 for those keeping score—would not have been possible without the support and blessing of the Bulot Family. For those unaware, Major League Eater and beloved Bay St Louis area son Boyd "Bayou Boyd" Bulot passed away in February 2015. His 2003 mark of 16 Meat Pies in 10 minutes stood until this event. It fell to Chestnut with the full blessing of the Bulot Family, with Richard Bulot Snr.—Boyd's Father—passing the title belt to Chestnut during presentations. He did so with a smile, a smile shared with other Bulot family members in attendance, and if that's not something to learn from on this great march of life we don't know what is. Major League Eating thanks the Silver Slipper Casino and the Bulot Family for this opportunity to celebrate Boyd's life and legacy.

Miki Sudo was solid for second. Adrian Morgan managed to ignore the trill cacophony of the Rabbit Army for third. Rich LeFevre got some eating done for fourth. Gideon Oji would likely be disappointed with fifth. Matthew Cohen continued to build his reputation with sixth. Crazy Legs Conti wore a rainbow tutu and a toga in celebration of Boyd Bulot's affection for rainbow apparel and togas for seventh. Corey Fanguy returned from hiatus for eighth. Matthew Raible enjoyed his seven-and-one-half Meat Pies for ninth. Nasty Nate underperformed for tenth—that's not a dispersion, that's just the way it is, and if he has a problem with that he knows where to find me. Carlene LeFevre was a beacon of elegance for eleventh.

Boyd Bulot, of course, remains much missed and much loved.

1st - Joey Chestnut, 23 6oz Meat Pies in 10 mins
2nd - Miki Sudo, 21.5
3rd - Adrian Morgan, 19.25
4th - Mr Rich LeFevre, 17
5th - Gideon Oji, 13.5
6th - Matthew Cohen, 12.75
7th - Crazy Legs Conti, 10.5
8th - Corey Fanguy, 10
9th - Matthew Raible. 7.5
10th - Nasty Nate Biller, 6
11th - Mrs Carlene LeFevre, 5