Chestnut Completes Buffalo Sweep With Dominant Wing Victory!

Buffalo, NY Before the emcee announced first place at the 2015 edition of the U.S. National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship, Chestnut had begun his slow walk to the front and center of the stage to accept what he knew was his. It was not an act of hubris. It was the simple march of a man who was claiming what was rightly his: First place, the trophy, the cash and the pure love from the Buffalo crowd. In the spiritual home of the wing— Buffalo, NY—there is no greater feeling. Chestnut downed 205 chicken wings in 12 minutes to take the gold.

Eating wings in Buffalo is like enjoying pizza in Napoli or, presumably, French toast in France. The National Buffalo Wing Festival is the masterwork of Drew "The Wing King" Cerza and it is the best place on earth each and every Labor Day Weekend. The U.S. National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship is the main event, drawing the best MLE talent to Western NY each and every year.

Chestnut led from the front and showed no signs of ever slowing. It was like watching a perpetual motion machine set to "Eat Wings." He found a rhythm early and simply maintained his crushing pace. Miki Sudo and Sonya Thomas would have to settle for second and third respectively; they simply could not match Chestnut's firepower here today. And there is no shame in that. Rookie sensation Gideon Oji again impressed in the wings discipline, finishing in fourth place.

Full results below.

1st - 205 wings in 12 mins - Joey Chestnut
2nd - 170 - Miki Sudo
3rd - 157 - Sonya Thomas
4th - 151 - Gideon Oji
5th - 132 - Buffalo Jim Reeves and Yasir Salem
7th - 126 - Juan Rodriguez
8th - 125 - Steve Hendry
9th - 116 - Badlands Booker
10th - 94 - Daniella Gioia
11th - 87 - Wild Bill Myers
12th - 77 - Max Wojokowski, Amateur Champ

This contest took place at 5pm Eastern, on Sunday September 6th, 2015, at the The National Buffalo Wing Festival, held at Coca-Cola Field, 275 Washington St, Buffalo!

About The National Buffalo Wing Festival!
The National Buffalo Wing Festival takes place over Labor Day Weekend at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, NY. Part of the proceeds from the festival go to benefit Western New York charities, raising more than $225,000 over the festival's history.