Matthew Stonie Wins World Twinkie Champs With 120 In Six Minutes!

Don’t call it an upset—Matthew “The Megatoad” Stonie was at his fast, unrelenting and brilliant best at the second annual World Twinkie Eating Championship At Bally's Casino-Tunica. The world’s #2-ranked eater consumed 120 Twinkies in six minutes for the win. Keen followers of the sport will know that Stonie’s haul was just one Twinkie—just one Twinkie—shy of the World Record total of 121, set in 2013 by Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. Stonie need not weep over what could have been: The win is the standout victory of Stonie’s stellar career and his sixth head-to-head win over Chestnut this year.

And what of Chestnut? The Great One battled through obvious discomfort during the event; a foot injury sustained away from the MLE table saw Chestnut reconciled to eating in a space-age boot and seated for competition. From MLE’s vantage point at the front of the stage, it was a display like none we have ever witnessed from Chestnut. It was valor in the face of defeat. It was noble. And it will never be forgotten, as so many silver-placed finishes so quickly are.

Chestnut knew today was not his day. Two minutes in, Stonie had already set an appreciable lead. He could not find his rhythm. Stonie was on point. He was seated. Stonie was flying—ever further ahead. There would be no last minute comeback today. No Chestnut surge. No heroics. All that remained was a man giving his all when he knew it would not change a thing. He swung that pickaxe at the giant, sheer coalface of improbability until his back nearly broke.

For some, the fighting is the fight. The giving is what they get. That’s what makes the greats great and the rest of us poorer for never trying. Chestnut, bloodied but unbowed. Stonie, proud but never boastful. Two great Champions. One great event.

They left the venue together in Stonie’s rented compact-class Fiat 500, Stonie’s giant trophy sticking out of the open hatchback door for all the world to see. This was Stonie’s day. It is their world.

Full results of The World Twinkie Eating Championship At Bally's Casino-Tunica are below:

1 Matt Stonie 120
2 Joey Chestnut 85
3 Michelle Lesco 48
4 Badlands Booker 45
5 Yasir Salem 41
6 Nate Biller 36
7 Daniella Gioia 35
8 Matt Raible 27
9 Alex Perez 18

This contest took place at 1pm Central, on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Bally's Casino-Tunica, 1450 Bally Blvd, Tunica, MS!

Six minutes. 120 Twinkies. Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie